You have built the highly reliable network, you have redundancy and backup systems, you have the people to run the network.  How do you know if there is a problem and how do you notify your people if there is a problem? Backup circuits, routers, switches and high availability deployments for firewalls are great.  In fact, they are so great that you can have a device or circuit fail and not even know it!  Until the backup fails and then you have unexpected downtime.  A major component of a highly reliable network  is having the monitoring and management tools in place, watching everything  on a 7 x 24 x 365 basis.  You need to know when there is a problem and get knowledgable technicians addressing those issues right away to avoid long term outages and impacts to the business.  At TANEx, we have deep experience with a variety of monitoring and management tools and applications  that will  let you know there is a problem before your customers are calling.

  • Thorough understanding of network management technology and applications.
  • Management processes and procedures.
  • Design, configuration and operational expertise.
  • Alerting, logging, thresholds and capacity planning.
  • Understanding of the importance of maintaining 7 x 24 x 365 communications.
  • Change management processes.


  • SNMP, Netflow and other management protocols.
  • Hardware and software systems.
  • Variety of management and monitoring applications.
  • Authentication and security systems and management.
  • Processes and procedures.