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Quite simply, TANEx Engineering provides consulting services related to the telecommunications, computer networking and process control industry.  Our expertise is focused on the design, commissioning and operational aspects of the voice, data and control networks that are critical to your business.  To summarize some of the main areas TANEx can provide value:
  • Technical design services for your voice and data network.

  • Network architecture and strategic planning.

  • Technology assessment and forecasting.

  • Network and business planning.

  • Network installation and commissioning services.

  • Operational expertise.

  • Project management experience and expertise.

  • Hardware and software sales.  Check Our Partners page for more information on the products and services we can offer.


Since 1998, TANEx Engineering has been providing high quality consulting services to a variety of clients throughout Canada and the US.  Our services typically consist of engineering, commissioning and operational expertise related the telecommunications, networking and process control industries.  From small businesses requiring a network to enhance and grow their business, to large enterprise customers supporting thousands of hosts and data centers housing hundreds of mission critical servers, TANEx understands the importance of these systems for your business.  Our company prides itself in providing the expertise required so that your company can maintain 7 x 24 hour operations for these critical business systems.



Our experience at TANEx comes from numerous large projects over a large variety of industries.  Our diverse background of project related experience spans industry and technologies.  Our typical project experience consists of:


Engineering, commissioning and operations of communications networks used for control and monitoring in the oil & gas industry.  Typically these networks are used for process control and/or SCADA communications, in addition to the business applications that are critical to the operation of the company.  As such, these network are required to operate on a 7 x 24 basis and typically employ layers of redundancy to ensure reliable communications and timely updates to the process control applications.  Prioritization of traffic to ensure that process control information is always given priority over business traffic is essential to reliable operation of these facilities.  At TANEx, we understand these requirements through years of design & operations experience of these types of networks. 


Engineering, commissioning and operations for large enterprise networks.  These networks may support hundreds or in some cases, thousands of network hosts and client / server applications.  In many cases these networks support large datacenters that may contain hundreds of application, file/print and web based based servers supporting the critical business processes for the company.  These businesses rely on 7 x 24 hour operation of the networks to support the daily business.  In many cases, an unreliable network can have a direct impact on the companies bottom line.  TANEx brings years of experience to these networks.  From the design principles that provide cost effective, reliable networks, to operational issues of change management and ensuring 7 x 24 hour operation, you can count on TANEx to provide guidance on your next major project.


Engineering, commissioning and operations of corporate data centers.  Data centers pose a unique set of requirements as they must operate provide a high performance, highly reliable environment to support the many corporate servers required to operate critical business applications.  Whether these server run Microsoft Windows or a Unix/Linux based operating system, from servers supporting SCADA or process control applications, email servers, web servers or servers for a specific business application, this environment is required on a 7 x 24 hour basis and must provide the performance and flexibility for years to come.

There are many considerations in the design of a datacenter:

  • Logical network topology and architectural direction.  Often times this needs to be transitioned seamlessly from an existing network.
  • Local Area Network switching equipment and connection of the hosts to the network.
  • High performance and support of converging network and storage technologies.
  • Interface to external service providers for connectivity to business partners or other corporate locations.
  • Wide Area Network design.
  • Category 5/6 structured cabling.
  • Structured fiber optic cabling to support fiber connected devices, fiber channel and Storage Area Networks.
  • Equipment racks / cabinets and cable management.
  • Un-interruptible Power Supplies (UPS) requirements.
  • Air conditioning requirements.


Engineering, commissioning and operations of networks used by service providers.  In this case, these networks are the main revenue stream for the company.  These networks require a highly reliable infrastructure that supports thousands or tens of thousands of network devices.  Operational efficiency, cost, performance and reliability are critical factors to the success of the business.  Recent projects include the design, implementation and operations of a Fibre to the Home (FTTH) network in British Columbia, Canada.


Engineering, commissioning and operations of small business networks.  Even small business owners require advanced telecommunications and network solutions to maintain the edge over competition and simplify business processes.  Cost of ownership and operational simplicity tend to be major considerations for these clients.  Finding solutions to provide connectivity anytime, anywhere and assist in the business processes are essential to your success.



TANEx has provided engineering, commissioning and operational expertise for a variety of companies.  Whether your company is large or small, we are confident in our ability to provide immediate value to your company.  Our list of top quality clients is always expanding.

If you have questions about our experience or other aspects of TANEx Engineering, please do not hesitate to call us



At TANEx, our past experience has allowed us to become experienced in a variety of technologies.  We consider ourselves well versed and experienced in many network technologies.  Some of the main areas would include:

  • Design, commissioning and operations related to Local Area Network (LAN) & Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure

  • Logical network topology and architectural direction

  • LAN switching and routing technologies and products

  • Data center networking technologies

  • WAN technologies, products and services

  • Firewalls and security solutions

  • Remote Access solutions and Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) products and solutions

  • Operational and business support systems

  • Structured cabling solutions

  • Operational process expertise

  • Project management services

Our goal is to become a warehouse of information and services for you so that you may complete your project on time, on budget and deliver exactly what is required to solve the business need. 

When you are successful, we are successful!